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fiberglss fenders

vette dude

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well, i am going to build myself and my buddy some carbofiber or fiberglass fenders this week/weekend. I'll post up with some pics when we gfet underway. I may also build myself a new hood if the fenders turnout ok. We are doing them in fiberglass first, and then we will try the CF. I'll post before and after weights of the fenders too. :devil::seeya:

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right fendert is off....

Some thoughts:

1. Holly crap popits are the bane of m,y existance, there is absolutely no need for tyhem to be so hard to remove.

2. the overflow tank, airbox, and hood are all solely suported by the fender.

3. It weighs quite a bit, i am guessing over 30 pounds

4. I can not emphasize how muycj i hate p[oopits

5. I need to figure out how i am going to make the molds fopr the fenders, if anyone has any experience with mold m,aking, it is apreciated.

6. I will make the fenders out of fiberglss for the time being, and then i am going to make some otherones out of kevlar if these work. Kevlar is 1.25 G per CC while fiberglss is 2.45, and CF is 1.45

7. I need to buyild a hood hinge relocation bracket, maybee ouy of aluminum, maybee fiberglass, or maybee steel, this is the one thing i feel will be dificult.


My ideas for molds:

1. Plaster of paris

using a box made of 2X4's we will create a mold that we can push the part into and create a depression. the only probblem wiuth this is that the fender is large, and complex.

2. Insulation spray foam

using a sheet of selephane or tape between the pannel and the foam, we will aply the expanding foam, and hopefully get a mold.

3. fiberglass

the samew as the selephane but with fiberglass


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I don't know what the best way would be, although the plaster idea sounds the best (probably use celephane inbetween the fender and the plaster too), but more power to you! Hope you get it all figured out.



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:confused: I'm still not understanding how you plan to make this work...


are you going to mold the inner and outer parts of the fenders seperate and then put them together?


Or are you going to try and 'skin' the fender to get a mold or just do it as one big peice?


Plaster is a good idea, but w/ a celephane layer you're going to have alot of issues w/ air pockets and imperfections... wonder if a lubricant or non-stick spray would serve the purpose better? :dunno:


Either way... I think you're absolutely NUTS for trying this, but you've got my support :thumbs:


BTW: KEEP THOSE MOLDS AFTER YOUR DONE! It'd suck to get in an accident after spending all this time on it and have no way to replace the parts.

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