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fiberglss fenders

vette dude

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do you have a link to a cheap vacum?


Go to ebay and do a search on "GAST pump". This is the sort that I use. They are true antiques, but they work well.


Vaccum Pump,gast ,115 volt look





Vacuum Bagging Equipment and Supplies




I didn't know they made a Radix for model airplanes  :jester:  :jester:  :crackup:


Believe it or not, I do have a supercharged model airplane engine. It is a bit of a strange animal. Although it is a four stroke engine, complete with a cam and valves, it does not use a spark plug (glow plug) and passes the fuel/oil mixture through the crankcase like a two stroke does!!!. The weirdest part is the way it does the supercharging, it uses the down stroke of the piston to compress the air in the crankcase (two downstrokes per intake cycle). It also has a built in fuel pump that pressurizes the fuel tank and a kind of throttle body fuel injection system. It is supposed to make 3 HP. Not bad for 1.4 cubic inches :D And do not want to get your fingers near the 16 inch prop :eek:



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