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I liked the look you guys had going


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Didn't want to get into the badges, etc., just wish Chevy would "style up" a HD at some point here.


Well, I took the liberty of doing it myself. Yes, it is entirely done in GM Parts from our friends at Flow Chevy (gmpartsdirect.com)


2004 HD LT, 20x9 8-lug American Racing Legend's w/BFG G-Force KDW 2's 305/50's, BellTech and drives like a dream, heavy and handles like a champ. Wish I could drop this thing about 3" more, but no way


As far as the install, the fog lights were tricky, but after an hour it was all but done, took some "dremel-ing" but they work great! Spent some money on the bracketry at the local dealership though, wow! But it's all there, then entire parts list minus the front lic. plate bracket.


Again, don't rag on me too bad. I have to pull a 5,500-7,000 lb. trailer around the SE U.S. following LSU Football, our Tailgatin' Trailer, so I needed the HD under and of course Crew Cab








Pulled the 4x4's off the next day, so she's naked now.


OH, and Momma's ride:



03 Hoe on SS's with same tire setup as HD, BellTech and a bunch of other chit under the hood, it's quick.

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Yes I do get some strange looks.


Wife and I were leaving Wally World the other afternoon and a guy in a sick bagged NBS Silverado was crossing around the parking lot, had SS badges on it, 22's etc. and was neckbroken so much that he tagged a buggy, felt bad for the guy but :banghead:


He was going slow though. Usually at the gas pump, which I visit often btw, I usually get someone asking if that is a new truck Chevy is building.


Thanks for the comment

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