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Srt 4 race


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Ok I am driving around trying to meet up with my friends when I see a silver Srt 4 gun it through the intersection. I went into the right lane to turn where he went to follow,( that was the way my friends were) And I weave through traffic and then notice I drove right past him. He must of seen me, because he jerked over into my lane and was right behind me. Eventually we get to a red light with cars in front of us and I said to one of my friends that is a girl." watch this, he will rev when he gets next to me." and sure enough he did. So i get next to him and reply. ITS ON :) So we get into the open and he keeps on flooring it past many times trying to get me to go from a roll, and I did once. He killed me there, but we got to a stop light and I reved a little so he knows i wanna go. The light turns green and I am gone, maybe 1-3 car lengths ahead, i couldn't tell, I had my mirrors in :D I could hear the blow off valve getting closer and closer, and at 70 mph he caught up to me then kept on going at a good pace, then i stopped anout 90. We got to another light and I rolled the window down and gave the thumb up. His windows were tinted so i couldnt see him. It was fun, and those are very quick little cars. :flag:

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I don't think I'll ever get into the tuner thing... but its good to see that kids that are into that have an option to still buy an American vehicle :flag:


Dodge pretty much set the standard w/ the SRT-4 as far as I'm concerned. The SVT-focus never seemed to have the same popularity... I can't wait to see what the Cobalt SS will do :chevy:



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How fast are those Cobalts supposed to be? Is it based on the Cavalier?

Is that chamelion paint or something??!

2.0 supercharged,205 horsepower,5 speed manual 0-60 in 6.4 secs, 1/4 14.9


Pretty impressive? Any new car with a 4 cylinder that runs 14 second 1/4s or better isn't something to laugh at, IMO !!

The ecotech is used in high horsepower applications already, the basic engine is a great platform.

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the stock internals of an srt-4 is around 500 hp. which i think is amazing. the ONLY down fall to uping the boost to 20psi letsa say....the 1/2 shafts cant hold that much power and break. but other than a turbo upgrade you can make that car go to 500 hp on a totally stock motor. its quite amazing how well this cars engine was engineered. i was goign to get one before i got my truck. but to "cut down" on costs dodeg made the fornt windows power and the rear crank. the only other thing i dont like its the viper racing seats make my nuts cramp together and i dont think i could do more than a 20 min. drive. not to mention the fact that i had less than a finger till my head hit the roof and im 6 foot. transmission is like a civic, very easy to drive. a dog off the line tho.....ive driven one a few times very very well build car. my over all impression is that in many respect i would compare this car to an S2000 VERY small VERY fast at high rpm's but at lower ones kinda sucky



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forgot to mention. during hot import nights i was able to dirve one of the ion relines (basicly the same as the cobalt ss) and it was a very nice ride. very tame in the corners. kind of a weird tranny tho, you wont start thinking about moving untill 3K. hardly any go at low rpms but the thing came alive alil after 2600ish. very comfortable interior only thing i didnt like was the gauges were in the center not behind the wheel. other than that it was top notch. i would highly recommend test driving the upcomming ss cobalt. youll be very suprised at how it hauls/

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I dont know about you guys but chevy is DUMB, how can you advertise your falgship with the ricer? The C6 in the same color? does it make you sick that they are so cute being the same color? Next there will be the ad w/ the colorado SS vs the SSS...who is the top dog? I bought the SS to be the top not so that I could have my truck used to sell less expensive versions of a super truck. And the colbalt does not deserve to be on the same TV screen with the C6...Sorry about the rant, just cant figure out how they do that, degrading their own to sell Cavilers(sp?) and Coladerados (sp?), whn ethey have the C6 Zo6 car and the SSS and ford does not have anything and dodge...well that is a different thread... :happysad::confused:


but we can not have the SC SSS like they teased us with

or the reg cab (Zippy has asked too many times :D )

or a trans to hold up to our power...

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