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Gauge Pillars


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nope dont have tweeters....but i know you can get it with the screen. all you do to install these is drill a few 1/8" holes and attach it with the plastic caps provided. it took 5 min. to install (excpet my stocker where it attaches to the frame got proken and took 3 trips to the gas station at 2am for super glue to fix)

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basically... it was a tuesday night so i watched overhaulin and rides and after that i got bored and i had a package come so i went out and installed everything and the son of a bitch broike...used everything i coudl find in the house and garage and i had to go to the gas sation down the street and got superglue used it...wated 5 min. and it fell off so i went back got 2 more and than applyed those 2 went back got another one and put 3 bottles on and let it dry over nght sum bitch aint commin off now.

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Got mine from Summit racing about 2 months ago. Its like nice_n_lo_silverado's

but has the cutout to go over the speaker. I painted mine and it doesn't look to bad with the plastic push rivits. Will try and get a picture of it.Summit Racing

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