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06 TrailBlazer SS


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That thing is slammed in the back! :eek:


I hope it is not faster then a stock Silverado SS, that would be wrong.


What is Dodge going to come out with then? SRT10 Durango? :wtf:


GM can have a car like the Vette to rape every car on the road, but why not a truck that can fly with it? :banghead:

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You think GM would have learned with the GTO about the single side out exhaust. It was one of the 2004 GTO's downfalls (besides the bland styling) and if anyone was awake in their design department, the would go with duals on the Trailblazer SS. I wish they would have done the duals like on the concept SilveradoSS on my truck.

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I'm with Stitches--that is not much better looking than a standard TrailBlazer.


My concern is that Chevy is going to start slapping SS badges on too many models that dont have the [email protected] to back it up. Last thing we need is to dilute the importance of the SS emblem by reducing it to just a styling package.


That TBSS had better be able to back up the badge with real performance. I'll cast my vote when I see some numbers.

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