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new volant


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Post pics of the install!

I want to see if it seals (this time) to the fender, not just sit up against it?

Tell us how it works out for you. Avoid the 20 HP on the butt dyno reply. :driving:

I think the "Jig is up on them and their R&D" :sick:


Then cross your fingers and toes that the new system performs better than stock! (Based on the posted testing,I think that would be raising the bar!)

I pray for you.

Good luck

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no water can get in there right?


Wouldn't matter either way. An airbox for our truck should have 2 openings:


1 to the fender and one on the bottom... if water got in it wouldn't be an issue... unless you submerged your truck. :thumbs:


One thing I did notice in the pics of the new system was the lack of a RSTA (RPM Specific Torque Amplifier), boost bottle, or helmholtz resonator ... basically the little bubble off of the side of the intake tube.


Stock intake has one, the old volant had one, the outlaw has one? Does the new one have it? or is it just a straight tube?


From what I understand this is a noise dampner as well as an essential element to and intake system... but then again I don't think the K&N has one either. :dunno:


Post pics please when you have a chance. :thumbs:

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gentleman must admit a problem, im not that good with posting pics and straight up i dont know how. i dont have a digital camera to get the best pics, even to put up pics of my truck. some day ill figure it out so i can share all progress with you guys, im sorry bout that

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it sucks to say but there are no ssers around here friendly enough to ask for help. my best friend is good with computers, but he is not sur how to do it, again i will try sometime, to do it, but for now ill do my best to keep everyone informed of what i do, that is all i can give right now

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sorry my mom jacked my digi and is being mrs scrooge right now ill get a pic of it tonight hopefully and those tail lights.


And zipppy i notice it definately is a little louder than the older model my frined has on his silverado but i like it!!

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