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Over-Confident Ram owner


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I am just cruising down the street to go get something to eat when this black hemi pulls next to me and tries to take off. He get's in front of me and I see he still has the temp tag......I push the pedal to the floor and fly past him :driving:


At the light he won't even pull up to the back of my truck and he is in the other lane. :yellow_loser:

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nice one...


i was on the way to my buddies house for some poker last night. was sitting at a light when a new f-150 pulled up next to me...i guess he figured he had something to prove...


well with the new tranny and all i figured i would be a little slow and wouldn't beat him by that much...anyways, we both hit it off the light and i started to take off, he started to spin tires...then i started to spin all four. the roads had a little bit of ice here and there and all i heard was tire squeel.


i eventually took off on his ass...he caught up at the next light rolled his window down and asked what they hell i had under the hood...i just shook my head... :dunno: ...and wasted him again... :crackup:

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