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The SS's are dwindling....


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Very very sad to see I bet they are trying to sell them for more than they are worth :banghead:


well they are up for auction so they'll go for whatever us dealers are willing to pay for em....


as of right now the blue one is up to $8k....and the black one has no bids...

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Very very sad to see I bet they are trying to sell them for more than they are worth :banghead:


My wrecked 2004 was a lot worse than both of those. Ya know how when insurace totals a vehcile the owner is supposed to get the first chance to buy? Well my insurace told me that they wanted 23 or 24 grand to buy it back... That is stupid high. The frame was bent under the left rear door and had such a kink in it that the fram had actually started ripping where it was bent...


One thing I did do though when I went to get my personalls from the truck at the tow yard was I took the headrests off and put them on my wifes 03Z71 Tahoe and I took one of the chrome wheels that was ripped off and it is now my full sized spare. It was not bent or damaged at all. Its fuuny how that stuff happens, the blow was so hard that it sheered the rear inner axel shaft just behind the bolt flange. Its amazing to me that there was that much force and none of it effected the wheel or tire. Two of the other wheels stayed on the truck and they were demolished...


It is a very sad thing to see.. But look at it in the long run. The longer we keep ours in good shape and the more that die, the more ours will be worth in the long run..



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The blue truck will be fixed and black one will be parts.  The black has a parts only title.


I dunno... The blue one looks pretty far gone. :tear:

That's allot of sheetmetal to replace not to mention internals.

It's in Houston? Anyone know where?


WW :cool:

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Hell i could use some parts from either one.


I need A pillars, center console parts, Rear seat cover, front and rear door panels. I would use it all to go the extra mile with the stereo with out worryin about one day having to pay for new panels to go back to stock!!! :crazy:


Does any one know where they are at?

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