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Coulpe more kills


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I was on my way to I20 and a crew cab short bed f150 flew past me. I caught up with him after some ahole cut me off, and revd on him. Before I could put it back in drive, he took off. I did the same and was past him by 4 truck lengths before shutting down. He never got beside me after that.


I finally got on I20 and revd on every hemi and mustang(as usual) and none of them would go(as usual). Except this one, I came up behind a mustang and I noticed it was a GT(something like a 95 model). I got beside him and revd but kept going, thinking he wouldnt do anything. But he did and got the jump from about 75mph. I did the same and ended up ahead by a few car lengths.


2 fords in one day :D


Im getting my servos put in Monday and my PCM thinks that they are in now. So my shifts are a little hesitant.

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they send fine, i meant that i don't get a response.



gotta do, what you gotta do. pm's obviously don't work. e-mails don't either.


any word on the rest of my n2o kit dan?

Try to stick to the topic

Looks like you need to get something straight on your side.

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