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Whipple is in!


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Well its in finally. The truck runs good, bryan did a great job with the tune, i still have to log it and let him look at it but nothing is off by allot. I am pretty happy with it, pretty good boost in speed, and it only cost me $2300. (a reminder to those that i did not use any whipple electronics) I wont be modding my truck allot anymore, so i think it's a pretty good setup for me. :cheers::chevy::D:driving:



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Install went pretty well, i did it in about 10 hours, split between last night and tonight. Everything was pretty much straighforward, cept for the intake tube that i had to modify.


I'm not sure i think there webpage says 50% increase or somthing, I don't think its quite %50, but it's not shabby at all.


It's 5lbs until 5300(ish) rpms, then it hits 6, then it shifts.


I'll post pics tomarrow, and if i get my final tune back, i might go to the track on wed. and get some numbers for you guys.



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