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AAA Rims


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Has anyone bought rims from these guys? The sell reperductions? I guess just not made in USA. I need to get some for my wifes audi and need to know if anybody has delt with them...they also sell 22" SSR style rims w/6 bolt lug pattern :D




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I have been looking at some ASA rims (not AAA) that are made in Korea with technology licensed from BBS. Very good looking and reasonably priced but I haven't heard any direct experience on them. Tire Rack sells them. I will let you know if I pull the trigger on them.


Not sure if this is the same brand (the logo looks kind of like AAA).



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Don't know about AAA's , but ASA's are good wheels. I got a set for my wife's GTP from the Tire Rack mounted with snows. They look good and are a quality wheel. Even with the snow tires on all four corners, my wife is still scared to drive in the slippery crap. I end up taxiing her everywhere when there's any kind of nasty on the roads. Wouldn't matter if she had a Hummer. She would still be a pain in the ass. :nonod:

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