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Looking For a Stock Cat Back Exhaust For My 2003 Silverado SS..Have Like New Corsa CatBack To Possibly Trade


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I am looking for a factory catback system for a 2003 Silverado SS.  I have a Corsa catback on my truck now and prefer the stock setup.  I am located in St Louis MO and am willing to purchase a stock exhaust or will trade the Corsa exhaust.  The Corsa exhaust has less than 500 miles and the muffler and tip were only on the truck for a week before taking the tip off and swapping the Corsa muffler out for a Flowmaster(nothing has been welded and the Corsa muffler is mint and is what will be included).  If someone in California is on this site near Santa Fe Springs there is a seller on EBay with the Magnaflow exhaust I really want but they won't ship it.  I also have a full setup of American Racing Headers with cats with about a month of use I will be offering for sale soon, the setup was just too loud for my personal taste on a daily driver truck.  If someone has a stock exhaust or can help with shipping the Magnaflow setup in CA please email me at [email protected].

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MagnaFlow used my 03 SS for a test fit of their exhaust back in 04.  I found the drone it made on the highway very annoying and had them remove it back to my stock exhaust. It did sound cool when idling and accelerating, though. I got to keep the Magnaflow exhaust and traded it for somebody else's stock exhaust, which I have hanging in the rafters.  I figured someday my stock system might rot away, but the stock system seems to be pretty rust resistant.  But shipping it to MO would be pretty expensive.

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Perry I have a factory exhaust on my 2003 Ss Silverado with a magnaflow muffler. Iam going to change it as soon as I find a good deal on a set of headers to bolt up to me brand new in the box corsa touring exhaust. If you still need a factory system shoot me an email I sent you an email yesterday. 

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