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Power steering pressure hose part # ?

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2006 Silverado SS - looked them up on Rock and had 4 different choices from GM Genuine listings - obviously 15295839 isn't, 15295840 isn't, 15774514 isn't.. so the last one on the list, 15295837 appears the only possibility and it did look "close" from the picture.  Got it in hand and the old one off the truck and it's "close" but not nearly close enough to fit, even if I wanted to tweak on the bends.

GM GENUINE 15295839 Info
Fits Inlet; RWD; Standard Cab Pickup
or Inlet; RWD; Extended Cab Pickup; Exc. Spring Special Sales Package (B2E), High Output Engine Package (B4V)
  Part image  
GM GENUINE 15295840 Info
To Gear; Silverado 1500 HD
  Part image  
GM GENUINE 15774514 Info
To Gear; RWD; Extended Cab Pickup; Standard Cab Pickup; Exc. Spring Special Sales Package (B2E), High Output Engine Package (B4V), Enhanced Towing Performance Package (NHT)
Part image
GM GENUINE 15295837 Info
Fits To Gear; 4WD; Extended Cab Pickup; Standard Cab Pickup
or To Gear; RWD; Extended Cab Pickup; 143.5" Wheelbase; Aluminum Sport Wheel (P30), CHROME Alloy Wheel (P35), Aluminum Wheel (QR9)
or To Gear; RWD; Extended Cab Pickup; 143.5" Wheelbase; Enhanced Towing Performance Package (NHT), Chrome Wheel (PY9), Aluminum Wheel (P25), Aluminum Wheel (P27)
  Part image  

Attached 2 pics of old/new hose, first pic doesn't look too far off but you can see second it's not even close.  Really gotta get this done before it gets worse.  Any ideas?  Thanks!




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The more I look at it, it SEEMS like if I straighten out the bend at this arrow, it might be the right hose?  Didn't want to guess at it though as then it wouldn't be returnable and the SOB cost $80+ after tax + shipping.

Wondering if it might have gotten damaged in shipping, just went out to the garage and tried giving it a "test" flex to see if it would bend.  Naw, this is some kind of plated steel (not aluminum), it's not soft at all, and had zero give.  It was just packaged in a plastic sack but no apparent damage to the sack, and none to the box it shipped in.  I really have zero confidence it was damaged.  It was made this way, and it won't fit.


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On 3/11/2023 at 10:14 AM, 03SSBoy said:

Yea from what I see it looks like you can bend it at that spot and it’ll be spot on

Thing is there's no bending it.  The tubing is really strong, pretty sure if I go to bend it that it's gonna kink.  I had wondered for a second if it got bent in shipping but there's no way.. unless the shipping people went after it through the packaging with a tubing bender. 😉


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