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Just purchased 04 SS

04 SS

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Hi all, 

Just bought my first SS the other morning. I am beyond excited and will have it later this week. The guy I bought it from said it needs shocks the worst. So wanting to get these bought. But I also want the best of everything (which is why I bought an SS). What do you run on yours? Also looking for websites for parts. Used to using rock auto. Any advise is also welcome! What have you done to yours? What are your best upgrades? What "tends to go out on them." 


Just happy to be here,

Picture size to large to be attached! Wth?!

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Congrats on the purchase and welcome :D


I have been researching this same subject a bit here on the site.  I have some Edlebrock shocks, that they don't make any more. So I have been looking in the past posts on what people were using.

Some GM Part numbers I dug up, probably from GM Parts Direct.

Front Shock Absorber - Performance Suspension. 2-Wheel Steering. GM 19168458
19168458    Performance Suspension    03 SS

89040176    Increased Capacity Suspension. Chassis pkg. Silverado, sierra. Without off road pkg. 4wd, 1/2 ton. With crew cab TORSION BAR TYPE
89038652     Increased Capacity Suspension COIL SPRING TYPE 
191681792     Increased Capacity Suspension COIL SPRING TYPE 

Rear Shock Absorber - Performance Suspension GM 15935605
15935605    Performance Suspension  03 SS

89038597    Solid Smooth Ride Suspension


I am still researching this, but this is what I have dug up so far:


I have found a lot of people refer to these shocks:


QA1 TS905
ds905 and the Ts905   or TD905


Some quotes from others on the forum here:

"Personally I used QA1s in the rear and Bilstiens in the front."

"Bilstein HD's are a great upgrade!"

"Had Belltech on mine and loved em"

"Belltech Street Performance shocks"

"I'm at stock height and love my Bilstein shocks."

"QA1 TD905s  some fitment issues.  needs  different sized bolts."


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I've got the Belltech Street Performance shocks on both our '06 SS's (and on my dropped '93 C3500.)  They're pretty good, though I think one of the rears on my Intimidator has sprung a leak and needs replacement.  It's been on there a couple years so I'm not pissed, it's definitely a premature failure but I do put a lot of miles on the truck (it's my daily for the past few years) and the roads around here are terrible.


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