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New to me, SS 03


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Hey all,


Wanted to share my new toy that I have been wanting to get for 15 long years. My uncle bought one of these when I had just got my licence, and  I've wanted a black SS ever since. Finally found this one for sale years ago, couldn't swing it and the guy decided to not sell it and it was gone. Years later I see the ad pop up again and I jumped on it.

2003 with an original 27K miles. Picked her up from the original owner in MT, and had my dad bring it to me here in ND. Has some small wear in the bed from it being a truck, but the paint looks great, cowl hood (unsure brand?) and she's already whipple'd with what I am assuming is an older model that i need to do more research on.


Right now I am just living my dream cruising it around with my family (dog included), but have some goals to make it more of what Chevy should have done. 


  • Already whippled, but need to do research on upkeep/maintenance
  • Really need a tune. Its been on the original tune since installed new. Any input?
  • Exhaust - would like a daily/streetable exhaust. Maybe custom something up with cut outs similar to my 09 Z06? Anyone?
  • Headers worth it?
  • 4L80 swap eventually? Hopefully find something more modern by then?
  • Eventually if/when this motor bites we will go 408 built or if play funds allow maybe try an LSX build, lots of reading to do there. I don't plan on ever letting this one go so lots of time to plan.


  • Stock is alright for now, but will need to address this eventually. Probably keep the stock height, roads here are uneven and not great plus i want to be able to drive it year round if i want. Something jus to tighten things up a bit.


  • Wheels, eventually. Haven't found anything i love yet. I like the old Joe Gibbs set ups. 
  • Tires to match
  • If I can find a Intimidator spoiler taht will happen.
  • Likely get some sort of tonneu cover still. 



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Congrats on your new toy :D  Amazing low mileage on that. Post some pics when you can.

I love what a supercharger does to these engines.  The Whipple is somewhat the same performance wise as my Radix.  I got 13.9 @95mph in the 1/4 mile. It feels plenty fun, even after all those miles

I am an original owner of an 03 Blue SS.  Still my daily driver at 160k miles with a Radix supercharger.  But on my third transmission rebuild. They keep beefing it up, but stuff breaks. Last time it was the input shaft.  Next time it will have to be a 4L80.

I tried a Magnaflow like 19 years ago. The drone on the highway was awful, and I went back to stock. Perhaps they make better ones now.

I have kept mine the stock height. It is practical, but many like it  lowered.

305/50/20 tires fit well on the stock wheels.  The extra rubber is nice on the corners.

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Heres a few pics. 

Yea I need to do a bit more digging and understand the SC set up and if any other modifications were done. I don't think the fuel pump has been upgraded, and with all the talk of the transmission issues, I tend to baby drive it unless cruising along and give it some gas. 

00202_9LPn79ebX9e_0CI0t2_600x450 (1).jpg



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Nice looking truck !    The cowl hood works well on it. 

The Whipple is a well regarded system.  For the 03 SS, it came out a bit later than the Radix .   If you need any parts on the supercharger, I can recommend


They helped me find a replacement idler wheel for my Radix.

My Radix came with a booster fuel pump and larger injectors.

The stock transmission is barely adequate for the stock engine, so you are right to not stress it too much.  I put my supercharger on at 2,500 miles and the stock transmission gave up at 70,000 miles (rebuild one).  Later I had a sun gear exploded, so rebuild number two.  And about 3-4 years ago, I managed to snap in input shaft, rebuild number 3.


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Thanks for the link!

Previous owner never mentioned any change in the fuel pump or increased injector size so i need to see. Might just need to look up the old whipple kit and see what it originally came with and refresh myself with the maintenance on them.



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My Radix is pretty low maintenance . Just change the oil at 100,000 miles, which was easy, once you found the specified lubricant.  At some point it may need attention, but it still makes full boost after 160k miles.

But look up the original info (installation manual), from Whipple, if you can.  

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  • 1 month later...

Installed the Corsa exhaust, didn't realize it but part of the system hangs rather low so need to climb under again and see if i have something flipped. Sounds great, pretty happy overall. 


Got it ceramic coated, but its dirty this time of year still so no pics. You'd think at 27k miles the paint can't be bad (it wasn't) but damn did it clean up the swirls and a few marks. 


Ordered a blend mount but got the wrong part, so that's on return and needs swapped. 


And just because


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Yeah... supercharger :D

Makes a big difference on these trucks. I just love the way it kicks you back in the seat when you floor it :D


I never realized the whipple sat to the side like that.

My radix sits in the center, replacing the stock intake manifold




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