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What is a good header/exhaust combo...


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Maybe if the goverment will give me some tax money back I might get some headers and new exhaust. I plan on adding a SC in the future so I was wondering what would work great with my stock truck and still work great with the SC? I don't want to buy new headers/exhaust after the SC is added if I don't have to. Also what combo will give me the best performance? :devil:

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Tbyrne is running a group buy on the Dynatech long tube/cat setup. Good price.

I'm running JBA Cat4wards, thinking about a change...

Tbyrne Group Buy


WW :cool:

Yeah I saw the group buy...don't really have the cash right now. Done put it into amp, subs, speaker box, gtech pro rr and outlaw CAI just this month. Maybe uncle sam will give me some cash back this year and I can get them then.

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just get a good set of longtubes and get a flowmaster 40 series or something along those lines.  no need for a complete catback, the stock exhaust is pretty good.

:withstupid: at least a set of mid-lengths.

I'm going to get some long tubes, just have to wait for some cash. If the wife knew how much I've spent already...ha ha!! I should have a good bonus next month and if uncle sam gives us any cash back...watch out :D Will dual 40's work good on the SS?

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