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ill take gauges for 500....


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Well i "thought" i had everything figured out... there i go thinkin again! I am installing the radix this up-comming saturday, so naturally i took matters into my own hands to add a boost gauge and get it over and done with before i start on the magnacharger.... Autometer C2 2 1/16 -30 to 30 boost gauge, and autometer steering column gauge pod #15007 (GM full-size up to 03).... pretty simple right? wrong, i have an 04' and ive had jury duty for the past week so i havnt been to work to see actually how different things have changed on the column from 03 to 04... (im a tech at dick genthe chevrolet in southgate michigan), anywho... it looks as if the hazard switch is shaped diff. & the left side of the column (around the multi-function switch) is slightly more "oblong shapped". I called up autometer to see whats going on and end result... does not fit 04 and no plans to create one for 04 and up... I really do not want to go on the A-pillar... i had that on my camaro and id like to keep things on my truck a lil more discrete. So heres what im pondering... any chance an 03 hazard switch and an 03 lower steering column shell would fit on an 04???? just a thought... please let me know if you can guide me in a certian direction.... thanks

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welcome, I am in detroit. You should probably move this to the general section for more response. 1 week till radix, you lucky dog. Search the trans section to see about the awsome shift kit a fellow SSS.comer has put together....keep us posted :driving:

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