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Gaylord Speedsturr lid

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I am going off to college and I need to get a bed cover. So I wanted to get my favorite the gaylord speedsturr lid. Now i know they are expensive, but i would take this out of my bank account. Anyways i have a few questions before i make this rational decision such as, how much of a bargain could i get i dont want to spend anything over $1500 thats almost all my money. does it come painted, and how much is installsation, and has anyone's come damaged in the mail, if so what did you do about it? Your help is appreciated. :flag:

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Mine came painted, really bad job though. 1200 bucks from stylin concepts. If I were you, I would go for it and have it painted IMO. Look for people who are selling one at a better price if you can. I wouldn't pay for install either. It is really easy, but you will need a friend to help you lift it to put in on.

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I have the x2000 gaylord speedsturr lid. The fit is perfect. The paint is decent, the paint color is an exact match. Mine came with swirl marks but nothing a good waxer can take care of. :thumbs:


Here you can see the paint isn't a perfect mirror finish but like I said get a god waxer that knows what he is doing and youll be set.

These pictures were taken before the wax.




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