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I have been having some issues with having the PA OBDII emissions inspection. The inspection computer cannot see the PCM in "Ready Mode" and fails me. Long story short, I had another reprogram and have drove about 400 miles. Went to have the inspection done again and they said that the truck is still not in ready mode.


How long does it take the PCM to go into "Ready Mode" once it is installed? How many miles or how many hours? :confused:

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The I/M Complete System Set Procedure in the GM service manual will guide you through the drive cycle necessary.


"The purpose of the I/M Complete System Set Procedure is to satisfy the enable criteria necessary in order to execute all of the I/M readiness diagnostics, and to complete the trips for those particular diagnostics. When all diagnostic tests are completed, the I/M System Status indicators are set to YES. Perform this test when more than one or all of the I/M System Status indicators are set to NO."


If you have access to the GM electronic SI service manual search for document # 744506


If using paper GM service manual follow your nose in engine controls, diagnostics to the System Set Procedure


Also, see Chart 2 at PA OBD II Flow Charts for necessity of performing the Mfg. drive cycle.


I hope the above info proves helpful.



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Here is the deal for me. I just had the truck plugged into the OBDII in an attempt to get my inspection sticker for the 3rd time. :banghead: There are 2 areas that are not in "ready Mode"


1. Evap purge

2. Catalist ...


I have put on 1500+ miles and it has been 2 months since the PCM has been disconnected from the battery supply. What gives? Is there anyway I can force these areas into "ready"?


I am ready to do my Radix install however as soon as I reprogram the PCM for that, I will be starting at ground zero with the OBDII inspection. Anyone have further comments on what to do from here? I am ready to just give up on the inspection and pray for no roadside checks :ughdance:

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Finally got my emmissions and inspection stickers! Just as posted up above by MCWARREN, the PA OBD II allows one not ready (for me it was the evap purge). My Catalist ready was "readied" by the tech. A real simple procedure. Thank you everyone for your assistance. :thumbs:

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