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I took these photos to show some handi-work, and share some before/after shots:


Blacked-out bottom marker lens, 5-ft:



Blacked-out bottom marker lens, close-up:



Blacked-out bottom marker lens, indoor (shows slit for lamp)



I used a piece of 3/8-inch masking tape to leave a slit for the amber light to come through at night, to preserve the legality of the lens. Then, on my last coat of black, I removed the masking tape and gave the entire lens one last light coat.


I have gotten the headlights apart, and almost back together; more pics and the rest of the story to follow...


Mr. P. :)

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Glad you really like it, I think it is really elegant; I've been patting myself on the back for two days now! :D


Full marker lens finish details - after removing the lenses, I scuffed them gently with 400 wet-dry sandpaper, then rinsed them quickly with acetone. Warning on the acetone, it attacks this plastic violently, don't touch the piece until dry again, the acetone really eats it and you risk leaving a fingerprint or scuff mark in it. I then masked-off a 3/8-inch strip on both the inside and outside of the marker lens (using the OEM slit as guide). I then painted several coats of black both inside and out, and flashed-off in oven at 150-degrees for 10-mins. I then sprayed several coats of oakie chrome on the inside (it did brighten the marker lamp a bit). Flash in oven again... Finally, removed the masking tape and shot the last coat of black, just barely heavy enough to disguise the slit. One more trip through the oven and then let cure.


I finally got the headlamps apart - my gawd what a biatch. I decided it was easier keeping Rosie Odonnell from a krispy cremes buffet... I damn near destroyed the first light I attempted, I got medieval on it! I did not mar the polycarbonate lense but the composite tub along its inside edge is chewed like a terrier had it, riped in several places, and completely delaminated. Thank goodness for silicone - Permatex to the rescue! I'm pretty sure I got them sealed back up airtight, that's the important part.


I did a lot better on the second headlight, I actually broke loose the lower inside corner, then opened the light along the (long) bottom edge, and then was able to pull the rest apart with my hands so as to not leave any chisel marks on the top edge of the assy.


But man I was cussing - I'm sure your ears were burning :crackup: Thanks for the how-to and the incentive to do it. I love the result and as soon as the silicone is completely cured I'll post more pics.


Mr. P. :)

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