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Major towing How much can the


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i made the trip from nyc to soca. back in sept pulling about 5500 lbs. with out to much trouble. get a weight distrbution hitch for the car hauler and set it up with every thing loader in the truck and trailer. also make sure the e-brakes are working good becouse you will diffinetly need them.....the SS will pull good but don`t try to push for land speed

records. i made the trip in 3 days running 55-65 mph. when i could but most states post a 55 mph. for trucks with trailers thats big rigs and p/u

BTW- it cost me almost $900 in gas :puke: to get here avg. 8.5-9 mpg. but gas was about $2.40 per gal then.


what route are you going to take?


good luck..

ps. i have pulled my 33`TT weighs about 6800 empty no proublem just use TOW/HAUL :thumbs:



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I am not sure of the route, i am planning on making it in 2.5 days



well good luck doing it in 2.5 days. when i make that trip (5x now) im putting in about 1100-1200 mi.per day, and thats 18+ hrs. per day driving :crazy:

ive done bouth routs I-70 to I-15 & I-40 and it takes about the same time. be aware that this time of year your going to get snow on bouth routs from denver to the nevada border and around the willams/flagstaff az. also. i live 150 mi. west of vegas so i can go eather way :D


eather way good luck and :driving: safe...



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I pulled a 98' fullsize ext cab z71 on a 18" trailer with no brakes on it for a couple hundred miles in the rain, talking about scary.. no problem pulling just had to leave plenty of space to stop.. i figure the truck weighed over 5000 lbs. and the trailer was around 2500.. never got over 50mph

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