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Just turned 3K


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5wks & 5k miles ...  :eek:

MN C 5,


At that rate thats about 50K a year, then again "because so much of the earth is covered in asphalt". :thumbs:

I had to run back to the office its really 6177 miles... :eek:


I enjoy driving it (no kidding) I'm not going to drive it as much after the new motor goes in. We have a dyno run scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday. It always takes longer than it seems it should. I think we have everything except the fuel system figured out. The headers finally got here yesterday.. :cool:


After some research I discovered that you can't put the truck on the dyno w/o the front driveshaft without damaging the transfer case. FWIW

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I couldn't find anything larger than 1 3/4" so I went with ASM.


FLP's come with the CATs and more tubing than I wanted. Plus they wouldn't make me a custom set of 2".. And 1200 ZambeenO's I'd rather spend the left over dough on some other go fast stuff.


TOG's were a little to weird on the phone... Wouldn't tell me what size tubing ect.. From what I got out of the guy it sounded like they were 1 5/8's or smaller.


The truck is stock except for tuning, cat back and lowered a bit.


I haven't had time to run it again with more miles.. On my Vericom it runs 15.2's @ 93+ Which from my experiance makes it a 15.00 truck the MPH between the track and the Vericom has always been on or two lower than the track slip.. My seat of the pants Dyno isn't worth a $nit sorry.



Other Stuff



Larger Radiator :cool:

Electric Fans :chevy:

Larger Throttle Body from TPIS :thumbs:

95mm MAF :nono:

N.O.2 :wtf:

72lb Injectors :crazy:

SuperCharger Upgrade 3.3liter :sleep:

I went with a custom grind cam 234I 238E 595L on a 116 installed with a little advance... :smash:

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I couldn't find anything larger than 1 3/4" so I went with ASM.

FYI. Call Muflex in Trenton NJ. If you need the contact info just E-mail me. They can do ANY custom headder work in any size and wall thickness.


SLP uses them to bend their cat back systems. They will do up to 5 inch diameter stainless steal with no crimp bends.


Your choice in ASM was a good one. The tech at SLP said they would be fine for a 500 HP 6.0L. I know that you have bigger mods than the n/a 6.0L though :D

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