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I installed the new PCM (from bryan) and everything went smooth. I started the truck up and the first time the display read "Check Oil Level". So being safe rather than sorry I killed the motor ... double checked the oil level and the connections to the pcm. I then restarted the motor and it read "check oil level" again. I then scrolled through the menus and noticed that my oil life index was at 0%. I reset the oil life index and the next two times I started the motor it flashed "Oil Life Reset" or something similar to that. It didn't display any notifications the last time i fired her up. Should I investigate further or out of sight out of mind? ** BTW I called Bryan on a whim that he had his phone with him but he is done for hte night (as would I be). TIA


Big O

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That is what i figured ... Bryan also confirmed that it is just cosmetic ... reset the oil life index and you are good to go. Thanks for the responses guys!


Big O --> and as a bonus here you go



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