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Hughes Torque Converter

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Has anyone researched Hughes Torques Converters?


I emailed them and asked them what they recomended & got the following info:


The best converter for that setup would be our 22-25ELHD. It's rated at 2500 stall, however being the 6.0L, supercharged, and heavy I'd expect it to stall a little higher than 2500. We have a 3000 stall version, but with the weight of the truck I've found that they stall TOO high and have driveability problems because of it. The lower stall will take advantage of the torque common to that combination.


It has all our goodies in it; forged stator, forged sprag, hardened spline, furnace brazed fins, silicone spot brazing, everything we can do to make a solid converter.


Let me know if I can help any more.





Matt Leischer

Hughes Performance




Any Comments? Price wise they are more than a trailblazer converter and way less than the other brands.

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In the drag racing circle, Hughes is one of the better big brands. A lot of guys go with smaller companies in racing (Munsinger, etc.), however, Jim Huges is one of the best sportsman racers around so I am sure they make a good product. I would have went with them if I didn't get a deal on my TCI. Good Luck! :thumbs:

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