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Chevy has CHANGED the SS logo


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Take a look at the top of Chevy's "SS Lineup" site:




Then study the SS badges on the Cobalt and the front quarter panel of the TrailBlazer.


I think I like the new design better. It is a step in the direction of the original style from the '60s.


Part numbers, anyone?



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It o=doesn;t have the break in the S's and the width lloks to be the same throughout!


I agree I like the the current SS badges better!


I agree Ours remains distinctive, SS used to mean a select muscle performance oriented line of RWD vehicles.


In my opinion at the rate GM is :smash: abusing the SS moniker by putting it on everything they sell is making SS no more unique than the Daewoo re-badged Chevrolet Aveo.


Give me a break :puke: FWD Malibu Maxx SS, what next, SS logo'd Toasters at Wal-Mart.


The people who created the SS legend must be truning in their graves with the slaughter GM is sticking to SS.


Write a letter to GM, congress, Santa Claus, anyone this has gotta stop NOW.


Dr Mike

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