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radix intercooler

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The intercooler fluid flows through a heat exchanger under the blower, so it does pick up some engine heat from conduction, and some more heat through the hoses via radiation. Under non-boosted conditions, this is offset by the cooling action of intake air flowing through it, along with the cooling done by the heat exchanger out in front of the radiator.


Under boost, the situation changes, as the intake air becomes hot and the intercooler tries to remove the heat and get rid of it through the heat exchanger out in front of the radiator.


under non-boosted conditions, I find the intercooler fluid (as it exits the intercooler) runs about 7-10 degrees higher than the outside air temperature.

If you could stick your finger in the reservoir while you ran it under boost, you would find it gets much hotter :D On a hot day, under boost, I have seen it get to about 130 degrees.

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