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Haha, that sux, i had the same thing happen when i sold one of my dirtbikes on ebay and I speciffically wrote no shipping out of the US or to Hawaii and Alaska. First day it listed guy used a buy it now i had set up, then payed right away and sent a message saying please ship to Hawaii and he would cover the costs. Well he didn;t get the bike, it was such a hassle to find a way to ship it there so good luck with those wheels.


You got a lot more cash for them on ebay that what you were asking here didn't ya?


Try talking to your local post office and see if they can point you in the right direction for shipping something that big and heavy. Also try asking the winner of the auction if he knows of a way and if hes ever had something big shipped to him from here. Good Luck on that, hope it works out.

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Yes, I got a lot more money for them than I would have ever thought...$1,001!!!!! I was shocked so I guess it will be worht the hassle trying to get them shipped out. I got a quote online of $350...Sucks to be the buyer! :thumbs:

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