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okay a month 1/2 ago a stupid guy hit me in the back going 40mph i hit the car infront of me i was stoped at a light...well my trans cooler got smashed and the rest of the bumper'S ....so i get the truck back 3 weeks ago and i am so happy to be back with my "STOCK" beast... but the temps were a little high and the touqe converter felt like it was slipping a bit out the hole :( ...checked the trans fulid it was fine. :) .


2 weeks ago some kid wanted to race me he had a smitan so we ran i whooped him :chevy: but when i turned around and did my u-turn the truck wouldnt shift out of 1st then when it shifted it felt like 2nd wasnot there i reved nothing ...i almost started to cry pulled over and turned off wh8ted 2 min started "him"-i have bull's balls on the hitch). and the tranny temp was a little past 200 but it felt fine all gears went home with my tail between my legs.. :banghead: .


now my tranny is almost at 200 regulary driving when i stomp on it it gets to 200 and wont come down till i shut "him" off... :cry::cry:


when its at 200 the tranny DOES slip in 2nd it jumps from 5000 to 6000 and shifts


WILL WARRENTE COVER THIS???....whats wrong...


ps some times when i stop at a light it stays in 2nd gear when i roll out it down shifts!! :(

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