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PAGING: whoever knows where to get corsa muffler


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i think i remember reading somebody mentioning they know where to get JUST the corsa muffler. sport our touring. i think the gutted cats and no mufflers at WOT may be getting too loud for me.


kinda an overnight thing. i loved it yesterday, but today, i want something quiet throughout all the RPMS.


thanks in advance.

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I just went through this with CORSA. I had originally put on the whole CORSA system with the Sport-tuned muffler. With the Radix, it was perfect, until I dropped in a 2.9" pulley and slapped on some Dynatech SuperMaxx long-tube headers. WAAAY too loud.


Since it was only a few months later, my dealer contacted CORSA and they agreed to ship me a Touring muffler to swap in but couldn't take the Sport muffler back because it was used (I sold it to xxjigaxx last week). The total cost was $400 shipped and my dealer didn't mark it up.


HOWEVER, CORSA made a big exception for me. You won't likely have any success trying to get just a muffler out of them. Your best bet may be to just contact the CORSA sales manager directly from their website's contact page.


Good luck!



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ive had the flowmaster before, and the resonance was more that with my current no cats no muffs setup.  i had the 50 series.  is flopro supposed to be pretty tame?

I've got the flopro and it sounds great. It's louder than stock and a much better muffler. It's not loud until you stomp on the gas. It's a great muffler to have IMO. :D

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