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motley crue

SS Silv

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Well, I am a big Motley Crue fan and ive never been to their concert, so tonights the night, I got 3rd row from the stage, should be interesting to hear and see them in person. Any other Crue fans out there??



I get to go on Monday night!!!!

cant wait, I have not seen them in person either. please let me know how they are. I was not willing to pay the 400 bucks for them seats, I got 18 rows back, still I cant wait!!

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Saw them March 4th in Philadelphia, will be seeing them in August in Atlantic City at a Casino, and in September at a local Fair!!!


Wait till you see Tommy's camera...Tomorrow you will know what I'm talking about.

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:cheers: OK, im hungover and speechless about the concert. It was unbeleivable. As I said before I had third row seats and Tommy took a drink out of a bottle of Jager and past it out into the croud and I was lucky enough to drink out of it. As AUTOGUY said about the camera, yeah I saw a lot of titties. :crazy: This concert was definetly worth my money..... My arm still hurts from rockin out.....

If anyone has a chance to go to this concert, even if your not a fan, I suggest you go.

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Great show! I have only 2 complaints, 1) the sound guy needs to be fired, it sounded OK at times and terrible at others, and 2) tommy's Drum solo could have been better, the man can rock on the drums, he just didnt last night on his solo.


as for the "Tommy cam" it was going great until he dropped it!! oops!!!!!!


I would go again though, it was a great time!!


Highly recomended!!!

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