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Roush F150


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Not sure if you would call it a kill because it ended up being more friendly then anything else. I pulled up on a string of your standard souped up civics and neons in a car club when in the front of the line I see a roush f150. Well I pull up along side him and we engage in the usual casual conversation each commenting on the others truck. Well about 5 lights later we had a chance to both see what the other had. Mind you my setup is mostly stock with nothing more then a tune. He claimed to have 300hp base and the roush blower added 112. WEll Mind you his truck sounded nice but by the time we got to the next light I was 1/2 a truck ahead. He commented on how hot my SS was and granted I'm not a ford fan but his truck was nice and cleanly done. I got an invite to his club, but will probably not go. He claimed his loss on the 22's he was running and how heavy they were.

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