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Pidgen Forge TN

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Glad to meet mwall and stexx and had a great time. Traffic was so bad it was 2 hours to go 3 miles.  Where the hell was everyone else.


i agree traffic sucked and 2bseen it was good to meet you very nice ride mwall i was there sorry i didnt get to meet up with you but thanks for comin out i had a blast but where was everyone?????????

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Oh how i hated to miss it!!!! :banghead:


I had some issues come up with closing on my new house and I had to be there Saturday to meet the builder.


I really missd being up there. The traffic is always bad but it is a lot of fun. We have got to plan something with some of the Florida guys,so maybe we get get a better turn out!!!


Oh well, I guess there are more shows!!


Good luck with the SS mwalls!!

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Sorry for 2 post in a row but i did see 2 red ss's and a black one with a cowl hood and another with flame raceing stripes just wondering who it was if it was anyone from this forum????????


Hi, That was me with the flame rally stripes! I live in Lexington, KY. :seeya:

hey good looking truck i live in maysville ky about 60 miles from you we will have to try to meet up sometime :thumbs:

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