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First Track times,


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Went to track on Saturday first time ever, it was lots of fun, 60 degrees no wind, 600 ft elevation.


Mods are Radix, 2.9 pully, Nelson Tune. LT headers and Corsa Sport with Shiftkit and large charge cooler.


rt .466 .047 .350

60ft 2.027 2.029 1.975

330 5.731 5.709 5.654

1/8 8.835 8.785 8.727

1/4 13.879 13.782 13.706

mph 96.55 97.44 97.60


the last 2 times were with the heat blasting, long staging lines! :mad:


But I was really hoping for some 13.5's or 13.4's or is this common for these mods?


how much do E fans help? how bout a CAM?

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