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Problem with kids 94 grand prix

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Hey I am looking for ideas. I am trying to replace the front brake rotors on my son's 94 grand prix. I can't get the bolts that hold the caliper holder out. They are the big ones with the t-60 torx head. I bent my breaker bar .


Any ideas? heat, C-4 ?


Thanks in advance

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Soak morning and night with WD-40; try to loosen again every night, but it might take 2-5 days time for the oil to penetrate the rust. I just did it a month ago on my frozen exhaust collector nuts and it worked fantastic. (edit - it only took 36 hours)


Mr. P. :)

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I came across the too many times when Iworked at the dealer. Broke a few sockets and breaker bars. Heating them up with a torch will work just fine. They lock tight them in from the factory :banghead:

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