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Had my truck in for service this morning. They ended up replacing the u-joints and slip yoke. After they replaced the P.C. silonoind(about 1 month ago), the drivetrain started to klunk. They replaced the first slip yoke at only 3500 miles. I guess my stock truck can't handle those 15 sec. passes. :crackup:


On a side note, got a door ding while at the dealership. :throwup: Called them immediatly, and have to take it in tomorrow morning again. The whole door probably need repainting. It chipped the paint and clearcoat. Made me mad. :mad: Dealership on the phone tried to say that it was always there, but I know better, especially since I washed it before I took it in this morning. Dent is about waist high and right in front of the mirror on the drivers side door. Almost like the service guy was leaning against the truck with his keys hanging out of his pocket. :banghead: Will just have to wait until morning to find out what will happen.

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Check your repair order, in my 9yrs of working for the dealer I never had to replace a slip yoke. They must have screwed it when replacing the u jionts. As for the klunking niose GM has a service bulliten explaining that drive line klunk is normal for their trucks and more noticable on awd and 4wd. They have a special grease for the slip yokes to keep the splines from binding.

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