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A Few Surprises

hot rod truck

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Went to Myrtle Beach for Bike Week last week. (Suck, Bang & Blow :cool: )

Had a great time, although the weather was a little soggy.


The Surprises


1)Towed a enclosed 2 bike trailer with 2 full dressers and luggage.

I roughly figured 5000#

Averaged 9.5- 10 MPG through hilly terrain. I was getting better mileage

than the Harley F-150 S/C Crew my buddies have. They are getting 9 MPG at about 70 MPH. I thought they would get better mileage :dunno:

I was towing at 75-80 MPH. (We met up in Myrtle Beach from different starting points) Towed in drive not overdrive, doesn't like the hills in overdrive.


2) Both of my buddies liked the truck and they're diehard Ford guys. They liked the front seats better, memory functions and the idea of AWD, better gas mileage :dunno: They're getting 12-13 MPG not towing, I'm averaging 14-15 MPG

Got a lot of compliments from people where we were staying about the SSS.

The truck was dirty as it rained on the way down and on the way home.


3)Stopped at a rest stop, parked in the truck area. Went to the restroom, came back out and a trucker parked next to us, asked how I liked the SSS. Turns out he was a finance manager for a GM dealer in Buffalo, turned trucker :dunno: He was very complimentary about the SSS. He knew a lot about the truck as well. That surprised me, since the salesman I bought my truck from didn't know squat about

the truck. He hated selling Avalanches. Too many wind /water leaks, coil spring rear suspension( nice ride, less cargo carrying capacity) He felt about the same way I felt about GM offerings, same vehicles different grill and badges, no exciting styling , all FWD platforms, etc. (except our trucks :thumbs: )


4) AWD in a heavy thunderstorm. It was raining pretty hard where standing water accumulated in the ruts from truck traffic. Felt the front tires slip (hydroplane), truck darted to the right then gripped, straightened right up. Would have been ugly if not for the AWD.


Summary: Glad I bought the underpowered, overweight, overpriced slug :D


Should I list the 80-100 MPH run against the Mercedes ML350? He lost :devil:

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AWD, thats the main reason I bought the SS plus I prefer Chevy trucks. Sunday i took my jet ski to the beach, where they let you put them in the water is real soft sand, you need a 4X4 to be albe to launch them. Lets see the Lighting and SRT 10 do that. :D

As for the under powered, it does not take much to get power out of it.

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OK, how was the Suck Bang and Blow?????  I've been there and it could get crazy!!!!!!


As Tony The Tiger would say......GREAT!!!


It is crazy, no could about it. Gotta love a bar you can ride inside and do burnouts

Then to see how many guys are gonna blow their tires off the rim and the shrapnel blasting/ cracking the windows. Oh lots of titties and beer.



Sorry zippy, it's scooters only :sigh:

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