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question for TurbochargedBerserker

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I was wondering what kind of modifications you have done to tranny, axles... anything connected to the drivetrain so that you have been able to withstand the power you are puting out? :confused:


Biggest reason I'm asking is because I am in the process of beefing up my motor, but my engine guy is trying to talk me out of doing too much saying that my drivetrain won't be able to handle much over just 8psi on my ProCharger.

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The only thing I've done is an FLT L5 and a PI 10.5" triple disc. Stexx is also making big power on a locally built 65E and TC. 2bseen is very close to us and is running pretty big n2o shots to boot on an FLT L5 and a PI 10.5".


I haven't done anything to the axles, xfer case or diffs. I'm also still at full weight.

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