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Ran into a really nice guy at the dealership


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I was at my local Chevy dealer yesterday in the parts department buying some stuff for my new vehicle, and overheard a guy asking the parts advisor if Chevrolet offered a supercharger for the Silverado SS.


The parts depot basically said, "No, we don't offer one, and if you put one in, you'll void your warranty".


So, he walked out, and i caught him just as he was walking out the door, gave him my buisness card and told him about us :cheers:


Tom just called me this morning and asked me some more questions about supercharging an SS, and hopefully we'll have a new member on the board soon.


Turns out he lives in the same town as me :lol:

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this is why we should get paid by GM, we support their products...even when the dealers dont know much or even worse dont care about proving good service...


funny most people think they are SC and the dealers dont know about the best kit on the market:)

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