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Guess who owns an exploding ford?

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We found out this morning that her truck is one of those "special" Fords ( about 10 models for 91-2003 model years ) that has a history of spontaneous combustion, but that Ford thinks doesn't need a recall :crazy:. It is because some brainiac decended that the brake related cruise kick off switch should have voltage at all times, regardless of whether the truck is on or not and that instead of putting a switch on the brake pedal, the best way to go is to tap into the brake fluid resevoir with this switch that has power all the time... There is a small "film" diaphragm that separates the voltage from the FLAMABLE brake fluid... While we ate breakfast, we watched a video of a similar truck ignite and burn to ground in Orlando...


Needless to say that POS is GONE GONE GONE.


So I'm in the market for an Avalanche (I vote for another SSS but Berserkerette doesn't like where the child seat goes and wants the AV bed covers, etc.)

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I think that she'll be quite pleased with the AV. I'm on my second one and couldn't be happier.


Its roomy, Rides like a cadillac and I Have no complaints. Make sure you get at least 3.73 gears though with 4.10s preferable.


THe 3.42's I see alot of 05's coming with are sorely underpowered for the weight of the AV.


So much so I just paid to get my 05 gears switched from the 3.42's to the 4.10's.


Good luck and check out


http://www.chevyavalanchefanclub.com Its like the SS board and they have TONS of info on the AV.



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