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Conn, Mass, and NY people


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I am just trying to guage interest, in people wanting to Dyno with the all-wheel drive. I know a shop just outside of hartford ct that has an AWD Dyno machine right now but, not the hubs for our trucks. I have been talking to the owner, whom I know personally about getting the hubs. The machine uses dyno packs which are not bound by wheel base length, so it would be possible for us to get accurate wheel horsepower, and not have to remove the driveshaft.

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Well, right now the machine can only do cars. It needs the Hub adapters for our trucks to get on the machine. This is why I am trying to see how many would be up for this, if I can get enough people together, I will get him to buy the parts to make it happen.

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I'm only 2 hrs. out..... in Williamstown, Ma......


Not to interested, since I have not done any mods yet.


Is it that Gillety Racing (spelling may be off) ? Buddy of mine went and had one Kick ass tranny built by him for his truck.


Would hook up for a beer though.............. :cheers:

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