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Rear Seat Fold Down Trick!!


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How to modify your rear seat so the back rest can fold down when you want it to and stay up when you want it to...... :cool:





First Remove the seat, (5 bolts, Lift and remove)


Once the seat is out there is a Y cable hanging off the under side of the back seat, it is secured to the seat by 2 bolts, remove the bolts and remove the Y cable seat lock down.


Locate the two tabs on the back rest part of the seat, (the part you want to fold down)


Take an air tool, jig saw, hack saw,, (how ever you cut steel) and cut the tabs back to the first hole on the tabs. (the first hole is the closest one to the end of the seat tab, about 1.5 inches gets cut off the tab)

(this tab in the picture has been extended,, you can still see the factory tab where it ends)


(this picture, cut at red line for stock height seats, if you raised you seat, cut off as much as your raised it less than this picture shows)


Once this is completed you can reinstall the seat with 4 bolts, (2 on each end)....


now when you fold the seat into the upright position, the tabs should unhook themselves and you can pull the whole thing forward. To reconnect the back of the seat. fold the whole assembly up, hold the backrest to the back wall and lower the seat bottom. the tabs will slide back in and hold the seat steady for people to sit on..


WARNING. Do not let people sit on the seat if the rear tabs are not secured, it will break or bend the seat!


Enjoy access to amplifiers, speakers,, or your stash of what you want to put back there!! :cheers:

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It will work with a raised seat,, but you need to cut less off of the tabs to make it work. You can fold the seat in the up position, feel with your finger around the back of the seat where you need to cut the tab. score the tab with something and then cut where you scored the tab.


I will post some pics,, I just don't have any right now!!

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Why was the tab in the pic extended?  We need to cut that instead right?


Correct... the only picture i could find was from an extended tab.. sorry it is confusing but just cut where the line is! you will be fine!



If you seat is raised,, (that is why there is a tab on this seat) you have to cut less off or none at all if you raised it significantly!

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