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For all the 05 2wd guys!


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The McGaughy 99+ spindles will not fit our 05 2wd trucks because of the larger 13.5" factory rotors and PBR calipers. McGaughy just wants the consumer to grind\sand\cut metal away until thier spindle fits even though it is more than .070" different than the factory spindles as far as i'm concerned that is un acceptable. I will cut the dustshield in any way needed to clear the caliper but cutting at the caliper bracket itself is unacceptable IMO. My parts guy at work is good friend with one of the guys at Bell Tech so he called him and told him the problem I am having and they asked what truck it is and they said that they have been looking for this exact truck to test a set of thier new spindles on that they made to fit the 13.5" factory rotors. So I got to speek with the guy and he said that he wants to try and get my truck up there so they can test fit a set of thier spindles to make sure that they fit. He told me he has all of the suspention and brake parts for this exact setup and they fit perfect but they want an actual truck to put them on to make sure everything is good to go. I asked him if he would be willing to send me a set of the spindles and I will test fit them myself and take digital pics to e-mail him and he replied that he is going to check with his engineering department and see if they will accept that. Either way he said that he will give me the spindles for no cost! :D

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