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Cool License Plates

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I'm starting a thread to show off your cool license plates. This is for any plates that you think deserve to be on it.


I love my "United We Stand" plates from Massachusetts. They are an extra $40.00 USD every 2 years, but that extra money goes to a 9-11 Fund for Police, Fire, and EMS. I have them on both of my vehicles.


I also have a friend at the RMV, that is why I chose the "55". That way I can remember what speed I am "Supposed" to drive at.





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Arizona has a number of "Special Plates" available. I chose the "Child Abise Prevention" style. It costs $25.00 per year with $17.00

of the fee going towards the "Prevention of Child Abuse Fund". As you can see I also chose the custom name option for "His Red SS".



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I know this is a picture post but I haven't got my license plates made yet but my lastname is Thomas, so I put TOMASS, Kinda lame but it works.



Dood..... did you look at what you wrote before posting? I hope you didn't order a plate like that... I mean tomASS isn't really the kind of name you want on your SS is it?


Just wondering?? :confused: I mean, my last name is Thomas also, and I wouldn't put that on my truck....... :crazy:

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