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ImpoSStor SS T-Shirts

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I'm considering having some t-shirts produced with the ImpoSStor SS cartoon logo printed in 4 colors on the back and a small single color version on the front. This is the image you see below in my signature by Australian artist, Rohan Day, creator of the artwork for the Muscle Machine diecast cars. These would be $20 for a heavyweight, 100% cotton, white t-shirt. I believe an ash gray shirt would be $1 more. Shipping would be $5 per order but I'm hoping to have them ready for the SilveradoSS.com Michigan Meet at the end of the month.

I'm not sure if anyone would want a shirt with my truck on it besides me but if you do, let me know.



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oscareltemblo & busterz,

Where were you guys a month ago when I posted this? :dunno::dunno:

Since I only got 1 response (thanks ChevyMan23) I only had a minimum number of shirts made, mostly in my size. Please PM me with your size and color preference and hopefully I'll have them.




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