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Octane Ratings


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How does octane rating vary when mixing different octane fuels?

Example: If I put 10 gallons of 100 octane fuel and 10 gallons of 90 octane fuel in the tank, do I have 20 gallons of 95 octane? This sounds right at face value, but I think it is probably overly simplistic, and the best way I know of to find out is to turn to the "Gods of Knowledge" on silveradoss.com!

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...and I guess I should add that as long as the octanes are both from the same rating system " (R+M)/2 ", this aplies.


Some countries use RON only...but I'm pretty sure any race gas you buy in the states will say 110 Leaded (R+M)/2, or 116 (R+M)/2...or whatever.


- Brian

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