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This is weird

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Could be a perception with different road surfaces. That has quite an impact upon bass in a car. Also as the amplifier gets hot it can play differently if it is running near its capacity. Atmospheric pressure can effect the sound, output and clarity of a sub, especialy in a sealed enclosure (does nothing to ported ones).


Check your voltage, amps drawn and make sure you play the same media each time, don't be changing CD's

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OK, im not going def, and it cant be the auto volume because I have an after market head unit. And I know its not road noise because I have my truck dynamated. I can be listening to the same song, and then bass will hit, and a few seconds later the bass will hit that same note and the bass wont hit as hard.

I am thinking it is my amp. I will have it looked at.

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The suggestions I have are endless however here is a quick one:



-keep in mind I do not know your set-up :D -


Are you running your subs in stereo or mono? Are they both (subs) in phase or is one flipped 180* out of phase?


Most music today is recorded in stereo,...even in the sub frequencies (


What are you doing for a X-over? Slope? freq. cut? Active or passive?


I used to run a 180* out of phase tweeter for a supplimental center channel during SQ comps. I lost points during the out of phase check, but it sure did open up my front sound stage and better overall score.

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