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Flex-a-lite Install


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Does anyone have detailed instructions for the Flex-a-lite e-fans? The lack of good instructions have left me guessing and without adequate parts. For example, they want you to connect to the AC control, but only to the positive of negative wire coming off the clutch. Does this mean to use either the green or black wire or do you do use one of the wires on the control? ugh. Thanks in advance!


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Not sure if it applies to you or not- I bought a Flex-a-lite dual fan set-up for my car, I *think* it's the 295 with variable speed control, and the fuse has been recalled.

It's on their website.....



Anybody else running Flex-a-lites should have a look too I think..?

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Hey, just a note; I had a lot of problem with their VSC setup. It worked initially and then once I put some miles on it the fuse would blow at random. I had the updated fuse holder installed as well so it wasn't that. It got so bad that the truck was unreliable. I was afraid to drive it any long distances for fear of overheating.


Do yourself a favor and get the e-fan harness from Bryan at PCMforless.com. It will be the best money you spent. Also, when you wire up your fans pay CLOSE attention which motor lead you hook up to positive and which one to negative. Last they told me was that Black was positive and Blue was negative.


If you decide to use their VSC you can call their tech support line and they should be able to help over the phone.

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Thanks for the suggestion, just ordered the kit. Does that mean that I dont use the VSC provided with the fans? Also, I have a DiabloSport Predator programmer, Bryan was asking if I had the ability to turn on the fans. I noticed that the predator has an option for cooling fans, but how now (before the install it says no fans detected) how will it know that I installed the fans?

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