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FS: BBC 454 w/ SS-396 heads, in '73 C10 P/U


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Hey all, time to sell the 'fat girl'. I am wanting to get rid of my old '73 Chevy truck, it's not much to look at but the BBC underhood might be perfect for someone wanting big-block power in their own project:


* '73 454 BBC + .030" (2-bolt main)

* '73 BBC crank, con rods w/ ARP 3/8" rod bolts

* HPX 2-bolt main stud kit

* Moroso screened windage tray

* High-volume oil pump

* Forged Speed-Pro flat-top pistons, (+ .030")

* Speed-Pro molly rings

* Lifter valley ballfle and screens

* '66 GM SS-396 O-port heads, stainless valves, teflon seals, seats/guides

* Crane dual-spring valve springs, retainers, locks

* GM OEM rocker arms

* Edelbrock double-roller timing set

* UltraDyne 280/284-112 Hyd camshaft & anti-pump lifters

* Edelbrock Performer 2-O intake w/ EGR blockoff

* Carburator Shop Stage II HEI

* Barry Grant 750 Speed Demon

* Barry Grant mechanical fuel pump

* Barry Grant high-capacity inline fuel filter

* Doug Thorley chromed tri-Y headers (very high quality)

* K&N 14" air cleaner element

* Dual 2-1/2" exhaust with balance tube, Dynomax mufflers, side-exit oval tips

* Edelbrock chrome valve covers/air cleaner housing

* B&M high-capacity tranny cooler


Engine was rebuilt almost 10 years ago and has 54K miles on current rebuild. Never raced or abused and religiously maintained. Runs 91 octane, approx. 10:1 compression. Starts easily after sitting for months. Has good compression, does not drink oil. Radiator is in very good condition, engine has 180-degree tstat and you cannot make it overheat no matter how hard you try! I have all documentation and receipts.


The Barry Grant fuel system is new, less than 200-miles.


TH400 is out of a '64 dump truck (!) haven't been able to kill it but it's no performer either! Converter is stock. Tranny suffers a shot front seal, leaks fluid after sitting an extended period.


Runs well and is very strong, around 375-ish HP but is in *serious* need of HEI/carb tuning and is capable of 425hp or more. Pulls hard, in current condition with short-shifting tranny will break drive tire loose at will leaving stoplight in 2nd gear :D The cam in it has a definite mild lope to it at idle and runs power brakes no prob, will pull A/C as well on stock converter. I have towed over 8000-lbs several times and its grunt is impressive.


Pickup is SC-LB 1/2-ton 2WD, 3.54 12-bolt rear with about 135K miles. Factory California 454 4bbl Cheyene-10 Super with PS, PB, AT, AC, tilt-wheel, steel rims, and original wood bed. Glass in good-to-fair condiiton. Bed wood in fair condition but will need replacement. Climate control present but never reconnected at time of rebuild 10-yrs ago. No frame damage, but paint finally gave out and rust is emerging in places. Hood and front bumper needs replacement (funny story). Doors are full power units (PW/PL/PM) off '90 Suburban. Interior in poor condition, carpet needs replacing, dash cracked, headliner missing; guages/trim are present. Tires have 75% tread. All lights work. Truck weighs 4800-lbs. Is ready to drive at any time, suspension in good shape drives straight and true, power steering drives like new, brakes are rock hard. Has current Texas tags, safety sticker, insurance; you can drive it before you buy it.


Bottom line, the engine is worth far more than the truck and I know I will never get out of it what I have put into it over the years. But if anyone here can use it, or knows someone that can, I would be willing to entertain any reasonable offers, just PM me.
















Mr. P. :)

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Now THAT's a sleeper!  Nice!!

:crackup: Yeah it's pretty 'ranch' on the outside, but has a healthy idle. The open rear-end really sucks though. But I wish the SS had the grunt it does ;) I already have a fixer-upper project, I have decided to let the fat girl go so anyone willing to offer me a few bucks can have it.


Mr. P. :)


edit - Funny Story: I'll tell you how much a sleeper it is - the City of Glen Rose Texas ordered me to get rid of it in 2003, telling me that it was 'obviously a delapidated vehicle'; pointing out that it had valid tags in court opened-up a war between me and the City. The incidents got to the point of having my water disconnected, retalliation against my ex-wife and kids, serious nastiness between me and the City over this truck. End of the story - name calling and finger-pointing in city hall, having the mayor brought up on charges of corruption and getting her dismissed from office, getting the city code enforcement officer run out of town, and I still have the fat girl, although I realized it might not be a bad idea to move to Stephenville!

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