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Replacing stock Stereo parts


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this may have been covered more than once. BUT. :yellow_loser:

im thinking of

1) adding an EQ to the radio.. dont know how.. friggin Bose

2) swapping out the stock speakers.. but isnt there an issue cuz of the bose system?

3) I want to add a single 12 inch sub behind the back seat ( i read the mod to make the back seat fold down), has anyone properly documented how to add a sub to the stock bose stuff?

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eq is worthless unless you are going to swap out for a new headunit and use an aftermarket amp to power highs....unless you are just looking for control over the sub?


as for aftermarket speakers...about the same as above...worthless unless you add aftermarket HU and amp cause amp from bose is minimal at best


as for the aftermarket speakers...if you are going to use an aftermarket amp for them...you have to bypass the bose amp (under the console) and either run new wires to each speaker or you could just turn off the bose amp and T-tap the speaker wires coming out of the bose amp so you don't have to run all new wiring

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